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Canary Islands-Tenerife


Tenerife, like the rest of the islands of the Canary’s, emerged from successive eruptions of underwater volcanoes from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The action of erosion and vegetation throughout the millennia have shaped the orography and characteristics of the island's soils. The volcanic soil gives the grapes a very pronounced mineral character, which then can be detected in the wines. The wine culture in the Canary Islands dates back to the times of the conquest by the Spaniards.

As its name suggests, Domínguez Cuarta Generacion is a fourth-generation family owned, limited production, based in Tacoronte, the historical capital of Canarian wine production. Among the soils in our farms we find clay and rich organic soils beside poor and stony plots. Our farm is located on the northeast slope of Tenerife, influenced by the wet ocean winds. These Atlantic winds mean that although the Canary Islands are located just 200 kilometers from the Sahara desert they are not entirely arid. The humid winds collide with the mountains, dropping humid air throughout the year and punctual seasonal rains (October and May) on its northern slope.
Our winery farms are located at different elevations in the municipalities of Tacoronte and El Sauzal. The ones closest to the coast are harvested first, in early September, harvesting follows throughout the weeks, climbing in height to finish with the highest farms, which are located at a height of around 600-700 meters. Our vineyards are planted on free root, the trunk of the vines goes directly to the ground without the presence of a rootstock. This is possible because, to date, the Canary Islands have been exempted from the fearsome plague of phylloxera that hit Europe and the rest of the world between the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. This allows the plant to take nutrients directly from the soil, the whole plant is “vitis vinífera”, which reserves a true varietal expression. Currently our farms are planted with the Listán Negro, Negramoll, Tintilla, Castellana Negra, Listán blanco, and malvasía.
The harvest is done by hand, variety by variety and farm by farm. The grape pickers are all locals, who make a first selection in the vineyard that is then completed with a second selection at the winery. All the fruit is estate grown, to ensure total control of the process from the vine to the glass.

Our Wines

Domínguez Clasico


50% Listan Negro, 30% Negramoll, 15% Castellana Negra (Trousseau), 5% Listan Blanco (Palomino). Estate grown fruit, practicing organic, Natural winemaking method, aged for five months in used oak.