Domaine Monplezy





Domaine Monplezy, which means “Mountain of Pleasures” in old French, sits on top of a 30Ha. Hill. Two families share this land, on the Sutra Germa side it was great-grandfather Jean Sutra, a wine-merchant from Bezier, who founded the estate in the 1920s, it was his son George who converted the domain into a cooperative vineyard. George became known for its strong personality and its engagement with various wine-based Trade Unions. The Gil family arrived from Spain in the 1940’s. Towards the end of his life, Miguel an agricultural worker and head of the family, bought 3 hectares of old Carignan and Marsanne vineyards next door.
In 2000, Anne and Christian, now third generation, constructed their own vinification cave, and converted to organic farming methods. Their son Benoit now works full-time at the estate, after spending time on highly reputable biodynamic vineyards in California, Argentina and Chile.
Help is also at hand from Margot, his wife, who is an expert at foot-pressing, tractor driving, de-budding, cleaning the press and selling the wines internationally.
The family believes in the connection between tradition, sustainable agriculture, and strong biodiversity. As a member of the League for the Protection of Birds, classed as part of Natura Zone 2000 and engaging in organic farming methods for several years, the domain is a paradise for ladybirds and earthworms; the true sign healthy environment.
Traditional and natural, the goal of the work in the vineyards and cellar is to maximize the expression of the grapes and unique terroir in the wines. Hand picking, remontage, French oak barrels aging, analysis, patience, precision, control, tasting, elbow grease….their work ethic is ancestral!!

Our Wines

Plaisirs Blanc


Marsanne & Rousane, hand-picked, planted on stony gravel soil. Short cold skin maceration, stainless steel fermentation and settling. Organic

Plaisirs Rouge


Blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Carignan planted on marl and gravel soil. Hand-picked in September, 21 days maceration with Carignan going through carbonic maceration. All stainless steel tanks. Organic

La Huppe


Syrah, Cinsault & Grenache planted on marl and gravel soil. Hand-picked in mid-September, slow, cold fermentation after short maceration. Organic.