Hijos de Cresencia Merino



Castilla y León-Cigales


Viña Catajarros is made by the Merino brothers, led by Eugenio Merino, a man who works his own vineyards and treats each goblet-pruned vine like it is one of his children. One of the primary premises of Bodega Hijos de Crescencia Merino is to take meticulous care of their vines with the objective of obtaining high quality wine with the consideration that the success of their wines begins in the vineyard. The family has 17 hectares (42 acres) of vines around the tiny village of Corcos del Valle, north of the historic provincial capital of Valladolid. Catajarros was originally vinified in the family's classic hand-hewn wine cave bodega, where the grapes were pressed with a rustic stone-and-timber Roman style wine press. Thousands of these caves dot the soft-stone hillsides of Castilla y León and where were many of the region's artisan wines and artisanal cheeses were historically made. Just fifteen years ago, the Merino Brothers stopped making wine in their cave and built a small, functional bodega in Corcos de Valle.

Our Wines

Catajarros Rosdao, 'Èlite'


80% Tinto de País (Tempranillo), 10% Garnacha, 5% Verdejo, 5% Alvillo. Estate-grown fruit, goblet pruned old vines, and rocky soil similar to that of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Fermented in stainless steel.