Galicia-Rías Baixas


In 2006 11 friends and family members joined together and formed Moraima, a tiny cooperative with one simple goal, to preserve the vineyards and plots inherited from their ancestors and continue to vinify traditional wines using current technologies. Vineyards in Rías Baixas are a patchwork of many tiny plots, often in locals’ backyards. The fruit from those small vineyards is commonly sold to large co-ops, where it is all blended together and sold under one label. The partners at Moriama decided they no longer wanted to sell their wonderful, old vine fruit to larger co-ops in the area, and rather make their own expressive wine, allowing each member active participation in the process.
Today the winery produces less the 100,000 bottles from the Albariño and Caíño varieties. The winery is located in the municipality of Pontevedra de Barro, in the Alto (upper) Salnés which is about 20km from the coastal heart of Rías Baixas, one of only three bodegas producing wines strictly from the slightly inland portion of the area. The soils are granitic, which provides perfect drainage for the surplus water from the rain. Some of the grapevines are engrafted pre-phylloxera, which produce pure varietal expressions. The vines are trailed on traditional pergolas, keeping the bunches aerated and healthy in the humid climate of the area.

Our Wines



100% Caíño Tinto. From 100+ year old vines. Fermentation happens with native yeasts in stainless steel. Aged 9 months in neutral oak.