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Tosca Cerrada





Mario Rovira first fell in love with Palomino Fino at his Bierzo project Akilia. Mario decided to start Tosca Cerrada and work with the grape in its spiritual homeland: Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in The Sherry Triangle. The range of white wines ‘Tosca Cerrada’, -Type of Albariza soil called by the locals in this specific region- wants to show the evolution of wines made from the same base wine with the touch of Flor – thin veil of yeast. He makes the Mosto (grape must), 15 month in stainless steel tank under flor, a 7 months with flor in old Manzanilla barrels, and the third one, 15 months with flor in old Manzanilla barrels. Being unfortified wines, and made naturally in the winery, they are more accessible to drink. Mario wants to show through his wines the typicity of the soil and variety and recover the authenticity of the wines from this region. These are emerging styles in the region, not yet recognized by the DO, although this will likely change in the coming years. They are increasing in popularity and may be the greatest sushi wines out there!

Our Wines



100% Palomino Fino. From Pagos Balbaína and Miraflores vineyards in the sherry triangle. Aged for 15 months in stainless steel tanks under flor, unfortified, and bottled without fining, filtration, or added SO2.

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