Wine was born from adventure, exploration and happy accidents. Liking one is a matter of taste, we all have our own favorites, but realize that there is no right and wrong, we try not to be dogmatic when selecting wines, we want to work with. When considering selection for our wine importer portfolio we ask ourselves three questions –
1. Do we like the wine?
2. Does it have a sense of time and place?
3. Who is going to buy and enjoy it?


The elevation of a vineyard is among the first issues to be discussed when tasting a wine for the first time. In short, mountain and hillside vineyards offer three critical advantages: more direct and concentrated sunlight, dramatic temperature shifts, and exceptional drainage. Match these three together, and the vines struggle to survive. Those who succeed -
well, you know.




After a 15 year career in investment banking and finance, David followed his passion for wine into a new career.  Since 2009, David has served in multiple capacities in the wine industry – from starting as a sales rep on the streets of NYC to running the sales team, as well as leading the finance department and spearheading operational changes.  Launching Elevation Wine Partners has allowed David to share his love of real wine from real people that express the vineyard and land.  David lives in southern NJ, close to Philadelphia with his family. When he is not on the road finding new wineries or meeting with customers, you can find him on his front porch, enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends.  He also spends time in the Colorado Rockies, hiking to new elevations.



Gil was first introduced to the hospitality business‭, ‬in 1986‭, ‬at age 21‭ ‬by his parent’s neighbors‭, ‬who‭  ‬owned a restaurant in his hometown in his native Israel‭.  ‬

In 1996‭, ‬he followed a life-long dream and moved to New York City‭. ‬After few stints as a Barista‭, ‬Server and Bartender‭, ‬Gil worked for‭ ‬“Ian Schrager Hotels”‭ ‬as a Restaurant Manager and Assistant to the Food and Beverage Director‭. ‬During that time‭, ‬Gil attended the‭ ‬“Sommelier Society of America”‭ ‬wine course and received his Sommelier diploma‭. ‬Pursuing his main interest‭, ‬he started working as Service and Wine Director at‭ ‬“Estiatorio Milos”‭ ‬an upscale seafood restaurant in midtown Manhattan‭.‬

Starting in 2001‭ ‬Gil started a long and fascinating journey at‭ ‬“Savoy”‭ ‬restaurant‭. ‬As the General Manager and Wine Director‭, ‬Gil worked closely with Chef/Owner Peter Hoffman and became passionate about market-driven cuisine and local and sustainable food and wine‭. ‬

After getting introduced to‭ ‬“Boqueria”‭ ‬as a customer Gil decided that this would be his next exciting stop and has Joined Chef Seamus Mullen at‭ ‬“Boqueria”‭ ‬in November of 2006‭. ‬Working closely with Seamus revealed mutual beliefs‭, ‬shared values and has led to a wonderful friendship‭. ‬It was a natural next step and dream opportunity for Gil to join Seamus on his exciting new project as a partner at Tertulia and‭ ‬later at El Colmado‭.‬

When Tertulia closed down in the summer of 2018‭, ‬Gil was introduced to David Spell by a mutual friend‭. ‬After countless conversations over many glasses of wines‭, ‬both decided to launch Elevation Wine Partners‭, ‬a wine import/distribution company in NY and NJ‭.‬