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Angélique Léon





Angélique Leon moved to Savigny-en-Véron, in the Loire Valley, taking over her parents’ domain in 2002. She is basically a one women operation working the vines, harvesting and vinifying the wines in the cellar.
The vineyard is located on the west part of the Chinon appellation, at the junction of the Loire and Vienne rivers. The soils are sandy and gravel with some clay and limestone hilly slopes.
The Estate is made up of 7 hectares of vines producing mainly red wines and a small quantity of rosé (5%). The single grape variety used is Cabernet Franc, average age of the vines is 30- 40 years old.
Angélique believes that good wine starts in the vineyards with minimal intervention. She follows sustainable farming methods in its soil, pest and disease management, since 2010 and was fully converted to organic estate in 2018. Harvests is all manual with first selection done in the vineyards, followed by second sorting upon arrival to the cellar.
Each plot of vines is vinified separately, and blending is carried out based on the style of wine produced.
Angélique’s hope is that: “my wines will give you the same pleasure as I get from my work.”

Our Wines

Chinon Rosé


100% Cabernet Franc grown on sand and gravel soils. 48 hours maceration, fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel vats followed by 5 months aging before bottling. Organic agriculture.



100% Cabernet Franc, average age of vines 30 years old, planted on sandy soil close to the Loire river. Harvested by hand at the end of September. Natural yeast fermentation in concrete, followed by 10 months aging. Organic.

Chinon 'Clos de Danzay'


100% Cabernet Franc. Single vineyard, average age of vines 50 years old, planted on clay and limestone on south facing slopes. Slow fermentation lasts from 18-20 days in concrete vats, using only indigenous yeast, full natural malolactic fermentation. Left to age for 10 months, light filtration before bottling. Organic.

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