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Bodegas Belote



Castilla y León-León


Bodegas Belote has an aim to elaborate quality wines from the areas’ native grape Prieto Picudo. Volumes are very limited. Our idea was born when we saw our village transforming: empty houses and abandoned vineyards. Our mission is to recover the tradition through a sustainable viticulture. Our vineyard in Mayorga de Campos, DO Tierra de León is the beginning of a thrilling project, Prieto Picudo, the native variety in this area, is our sole variety. The plants are between 20 and 65 years old. Vines are pruned in gobelet and trellising systems.
Bodegas Belote was born in 2012. The winery is a cave, an underground excavation in a clay soil, dug by beak and shovel, when modern technology was still non-existent. We bet on the slow fermentations underground, in concrete tanks, with native yeasts and without haste, as our grandparents did. Aging takes place in the same underground cave: silent, dark and cool all the
year. French oak barrel is the place for wine to rest.
Making a wine is always satisfying, If it is from your own vineyards, it is a pride!

Our Wines



100% Albarín planted on clay loam soil, average age of vines 15yrs. Spontaneous fermentation in concrete and tinaja (clay jar), inside a cave. Aged in a mix of tinaja & demijohn (glass jar). Unfined & unfiltered.

Prieto Picudo


100% Prieto Picudo. Hand harvested. Spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks. Aging in barrel for 3 months. The wine "lives" inside a cave.

Prieto Picudo Crianza, Vino de Cueva


100% Prieto Picudo. Hand-harvested from a single vineyard. The vines are between 20 and 65 years old and sit at an elevation of 900 meters. Spontaneous fermentation in concrete. Aged in French oak for 12 months.

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