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Champagne Arnaud Moreau





Bouzy is located on the South side of the famous “Montagne de Reims”. Renowned since the Middle Ages, Bouzy is a Grand Cru Village: all its Champagne are labeled as “Grand Cru”. The vineyards consist almost exclusively of purely south-facing slopes on the Montagne de Reims, mostly with Pinot Noir. Thanks to these south-facing slopes, the vineyards of Bouzy, together with those of Aÿand the neighbor Ambonnay, are the source of some of the most powerful Pinot Noir wines of Champagne. It is arguably the most prestigious of the 4 sub-zones and has more Grand Cru sites then any of the others. The village sits on a “mountain of chalk”, which centuries ago the Romans mind to build their cities. What was left are huge empty pits, with prefect temperature and humidity for cellaring Champagne.
Arnaud Moreau, a former computer scientist, returned to the estates operations in 2007 to take over the family Domaine. With all these years spent far from the Domaine, he had to learn a lot, and very fast, as the new manager of the Domaine. Little by little, Arnaud adds his own touch to the winemaking, while maintaining the tradition of his family. He also creates new cuvees inspired by his own center of interest outside the wine world.
The vineyards are spread on 4 hectares, mainly on Bouzy with some parcels on Ambonnay, all classified as Grand Cru. The majority of the vineyard is planted with Pinot Noir, which particularly thrives on the terroir of Bouzy. Viticulture is made using the principle of sustainable farming with very little intervention. Harvesting is done solely by hand, the grapes are stored in small cases, to avoid damaging them during the transport to the winemaking facility. In the cellar, winemaking is done using the traditional techniques passed on to Arnaud from his family’s long tradition.

Our Wines

Cuvée Tradition, Grand Cru


70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, from Bouzy grown on Chalky soil. Brut, bottled in 2014

Cuvée Rosé


70% Pinot Noir from Bouzy, 30% Chardonnay from selected plots, grown on Chalky soil. bottled in 2014



70% Pinot Noir 30% Chardonnay from selected plots in Bouzy, grown on Chalky soil. Brut Nature, bottled in 2009

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