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Domaine Les Roques de Cana





The Côt or Auxerrois, aka Malbec grape, is described as the heir of the Eminée by Virgil in the 1st century BC., the varietal was reputed to be the best wine of the Roman Empire. We have evidence that vines were cultivated continuously for over 2000 years in Cahors. François I chose winegrowers and winemakers from Cahors to "the world's best wine" of Châteauneuf du Pape. Pope Jean XXII chose to plant Malbec from Cahors in his castle of Fontainebleau and Tsar Peter the great formalized Cahors wine as the Court of the Tsars and sacramental wine of the Orthodox Church. In 1865, the Phylloxera aphid, known to destroy the vines rootstocks, first appeared in France. Twelve years later, every vineyard in France was infested including the ones of Cahors but wine production persisted despite all of this.
After 1947, a renewal was set to motion, helped by the renewed interest in the Malbec grape variety and above all, due to a more selective and qualitative approach set forth in the 1990s.

Domaine Les Roques de Cana, has been taken over by Martial Guiette, who was born in the area and wanted to give the domain its prestige back, he was joined by other passionate partners, in the search for excellence. Situated on the ferruginous and chalky clay soil of the limestone plateau of Saint-Vincent Rive d’Olt, a village named after the Saint Patron of the winegrowers, the vineyards of Les Roques de Cana pay tribute to the glorious past and Christian traditions. Depending on the plot of land, the soils vary from red and yellow clay, with thin layer of organic matter topsoil. This gives the lateral roots great access wide range of minerals that believed to give the wine its unique freshness. A high but very balanced quantity of iron elements can be found in the soil, which contribute to the development of subtle spicy notes, making it very unique.
Les Roques de Cana Estate follows sustainable farming methods. It allows for reduction in the use of fertilizer and chemical treatments in pursuit of organic and ecological goals, without compromising the quality of the wines.

Our Wines

Cahors - Malbec


100% Malbec planted on clay-limestone soils. Vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel vats, cold pre-fermentation maceration at 8-10°c, alcoholic fermentation at 24°c, pigeage once or twice a day. Final maceration for about two weeks at 30°c. The wine is aged in cement vats and barrels (50/50) for 12 months. Sustainable agriculture.

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