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La Luna del Rospo





Sometimes coincidence help, with Renate Schütz it was an incredible chain of coincidences that brought her to Piedmont in 1994. In her "earlier" life, she studied and worked with one of Germany's best-known natural philosopher, until she decided to test the theory in practice: a different kind of agri-culture should be a culture that is not only in harmony with nature, but one that also achieves the highest quality. With enthusiasm, passion, and a tormented degree of "eco-fundamentalism", she has since paid homage to the "genius loci" not only in terms of "terroir" and position, but also, her above all natural companionship, respect, and awareness. To give the gratitude that makes this place a "paradise with a connected workplace", as sometimes it is called lovingly growling.
The vineyards of "La luna del Rospo", (=Toad’s Moon), are one of the best Barbera sites in Agliano Terme and are listed in the prestigious directory of Italy as "Cru Eccelsi". There are nearly 7 hectares under vines, with average age of over 40 years old.
At "La luna del Rospo" farm, the work in the vineyards done exclusively by manual labor. Renate believes that "nature" is not only "the green one out there", but also that we are all part of it, whoever hurts nature, harms himself. The many-voice interplay of a species-rich in flora and fauna as diverse as possible is intended to enable the grapevines to give us their best fruit possible, maximizing biodiversity not only makes life more beautiful, healthier and more interesting, but also gives us back the most special and extraordinary results.

Our Wines

Barbera d'Asti 'Silente'


100% old vines Barbera from southern facing slots, organic/biodynamic farming. Hand-picked and sorted, cold maceration and fermentation in stainless steel. Aged in tank for minimum of 1 year.

Barbera d'Asti 'Bric Rocche'


100% Barbera exclusively from Bricco Rocche plot, one of the historically authenticated Cru Eccelsi of the Astigiano Terme zone. Hand-picked and sorted. Vinified following traditional methods: after malolactic fermentation, the wine ages in oak barrels (tonneaux) for at least nine months, followed by 2 month of bottle aging.

Barbera d'Asti 'Solo per Laura'


100% Barbera, selected grapes from the oldest vineyards with best exposure. The harvest takes place when fully ripe, generally in the first ten days of October. Maceration for 10-12 days, in order to obtain maximum extraction. After malolactic fermentation the wine is aged in small French oak barrels for about 10 months. Then it continues to age in the bottle for a long time.

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