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In the 16th century the Lecea family's ancestors built cave cellars excavated in the rock to make and store the wine, and since then the same family has continued to elaborate in the cellars of the Bodegas in San Asensio. The town is located at the heart of La Rioja Alta, on the top of a hill overlooking the Ebro river and Najerilla Valley. Don Rufino Lecea began bottling under the family name in the 1980's. Today, his son Luis Alberto, is at the helm with a collection of 5 generations family members, all continuing this great family history legacy. The vines in the Valpierre area have stony soils and are more than 600 meters above sea level, which contributes to the freshness & acidity of the wines. The lower areas, such as Davalillo, Matarrucho & Camino Real are planted on clay-calcareous, and the resulted wines are more aromatic & rounder.
In addition to continuing to focus on development of wide range of wines, the family is also committed to wine tourism and organizes numerous activities where visitors can experience our winemaking tradition firsthand.
“16th century winery with more than 500 years of antiquity. More than five generations dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and the elaboration of our own wines.”

Our Wines

Tinto, Joven


Lecea Tinto Joven 100% Tempranillo. Semi-carbonic maceration. From vineyards over 20 years old in lower Najerilla, Rioja Alta.

Corazón de Lago


Lecea Corazon de Lago 100% Tempranillo. Made completely by hand- hand harvested and foot crushed. Carbonic maceration in open tanks.



100% Tempranillo. Aged for 15 months.



100% Tempranillo. Aged for 30 months in barrel, and then rested for 12 months in the bottle.

Gran Reserva


100% Tempranillo. Aged for 30 months in barrel, and then rested for 36 months in the bottle.

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