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California-Central Coast


Alexander Russan started his wine import company, Alexander Jules, back in 2012 with the creation of his own barrel selected Sherry labels, and has grown into Spanish wine import company, focusing on small, organic, family producers, making fresh and elegant wines, often from rare grape varietals. In order to ‘feed’ his wine obsession, Alex started Metrick Wine, it’s his attempt to wrap his brain around winemaking as much as one can in a single lifetime – and make fresh interesting wines along the way.
Alex’s approach to winemaking is, first and foremost, to encourage a great wine that is representative of the time and place from which it comes from. He believes in doing the minimum necessary to encourage a stable, age worthy, hopefully beautiful wine, with high degree of precision. The primary goal is to avoid anything that would overshadow the character coming from the vineyards by: meticulous cleanliness, spontaneous fermentation, aging in neutral vessels and minimal filtration.
In the vineyards, Alex works with his growers to maintain leaf coverage. By protecting the grapes from the harsh Southern California sun, more delicate and diverse aromatics are maintained: herbs and earth in reds, floral, citric and stony in whites.
At bottling, reds are unfined and unfiltered, whites see very gentle bentonite fining, and are only filtered if did not go through malolactic fermentation.

Our Wines

Albariño, Paragon Vineyard


100% Albariño from the coastal Paragon Vineyard. Calcareous rocks, cool maritime climate. Sustainable farming, no herbicides or pesticides used. Fermented and aged in stainless steel, seven month on lees, no malolactic fermentation

Chardonnay, Sierra Madre Vineyard


100% Chardonnay, Robert Young clone from Sierra Madre vineyard, one of the most historic vineyards in Santa Maria Valley. Sandy soil, cool, maritime climate. Conventional viticulture since mildew and botrytis pressure is high. Stainless fermented and aged, 10 month on fine lees, full malolactic fermentation, bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Pinot Noir, Stolo Vineyard


100% Pinot Noir, Pommard clone. Stolo Vineyard is one of the closest to the Pacific in California. Clay soil, organic dry farming. Open top fermentation, temperature controlled. Aged 18 month in 18 years old, 500-liter puncheon. Unfined/unfiltered.

Mourvèdre, Futernick Vineyard


100% Mourvèdre grown in deep volcanic soil at 2,800ft altitude. Dry farmed in most years, integrated pest management, sustainable viticulture. Open top fermentation, aged 11 months in 280-gallon concrete tank. Unfined/unfiltered.

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