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Mystic Coast



Casablance Valley


Started in 2015 with the ideal of producing honest wines that truly speaks of its unique origin and people behind them, winemaker Vicente Johnson works with a selected group of passionate small farmers located in privileged terroirs by the Pacific in the Costal Range of Chile. These coastal mountains vineyards in the Casablanca Valley are only 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
The proximity to the Mystic Coast (as it was called by local people) with its powerful coolant and maritime influence, allows the grapes to ripe slowly, concentrate flavors and develop distinctive wines. Vicente and the farmers he works with, embrace sustainability with passion and commitment and seek to produce our wines with the lowest possible environmental impact. The wines received their “B Corporation” certification in 2020.

Our Wines

Sauvignon Blanc Reserva


100% Sauvignon Blanc. Hand harvested grapes from the Casablanca valley. Fermented in stainless steel, and sits on lees for 3 months. Slow gravity clarification, minimal filtration. Low-intervention.

Pinot Noir Reserva


100% Pinot Noir. Hand harvested grapes from coastal range mountains. Fermented in stainless steel, and aged in neutral French oak for almost 6 months. Low filtration is used trying to maintain its tannins and structure. 4-month bottle-aging before release. Low-intervention.

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