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Galicia-Rías Baixas


Manolo Dovalo farms just over 6.3 acres of well-drained vineyards that get ample sunlight enabling him to produce one of the greatest Albariños of Rías Baixas. Dovalo says the secret of the quality of his wines is that the majority of the vines are very old. Some of these vines have been producing grapes for generations.
The bodega was founded by Dovalo’s ancestors, who made wine for the family’s own consumption. Over the years, the winemaking gradually evolved into the modern era, where Dovalo says his family has succeeded in integrating tradition with modern elements such as stainless steel and including the latest techniques for thermic stabilization.
The winery has limited production, which allows Dovalo to carefully monitor his vineyards during the growing season. The Albariño grapes are picked at what Dovalo assesses as the optimum point of ripeness, never overripe, for making a great white wine.
Manolo is a member of The Asociación de Bodegas Artesanas, which has 14 small grower-producer members, most of which produces 1,000 cases or less.

Our Wines



Albariño. Harvested from estate grown old vines in the village of Meaño in the Val de Salnes. Fermented using wild native yeasts.

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