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Tardencuba, Ramón Ramos



Castilla y León-Toro


Serie Naranja is a free version of the work of Ramón Ramos from Tardencuba. As a tireless worker who questions his work every day, Ramón feels that his work at Serie Naranja cannot fit into the strict rules and regulations of the DO. The old vines of Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) passed down from his grandparents, provide the best raw material for this project. Some of the plants are pre-phylloxera, over 100 years old, planted in traditional goblet system, on a very poor sandy, stony soil, yields are very small. Manual harvesting, with careful selection in the vineyard and at the cellar.
The wines of this series come from experience and intuition, combining knowledge passed down from his ancestors with modern technology. Ramón was raised between barrels and is never satisfied with the present, he is always looking to the future and not afraid of exploring new routes. Bodegas Ramón Ramos makes natural wines with full respect to nature in both the vineyards and the cellar. With the Serie Naranja wines, Ramón creates radically different wines that break existing simple categories, express freedom to create and choose a path, without being comfortable, but are the most satisfying. “Time, silence and rest is what our winery offers to our wines”

Our Wines

Roble 'Serie Naranja'


Tinta de Toro from old bush vines. located between 600-700 meters with poor, sandy soil. Cold Fermentation, aged for 6 month in oak barrels

Petit Verdot 'Serie Naranja'


Petit Verdot from old bush vines, located between 600-700 meters with poor, sandy soil. Hand harvested; selected clusters go through cold fermentation in 500L. oak barrels. Aged for 30 months in American & French oak barrels. Minimal filtration, aged in bottles for minimum of 20 months.

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