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Wine. Creation of wine is a mixture of adventure, exploration and happy accidents (and some grapes, of course) Liking one is a matter of taste, and we all have one.
Elevation. Mountain and hillside vineyards offer three critical advantages: more direct and concentrated sunlight, dramatic temperature shifts, and exceptional drainage. match these three together, and the vines struggle to survive. Those who succeed - well, you know. 
Us. We aim as a wine importer is to serve you good wines. It's not a mission, it's what we enjoy doing, almost like drinking it ourselves.


Wine Partners

New York Office:

40 West 37th Street, Suite #904

New York, NY 10018

tel:  917 444 1460

New Jersey Office:

135 Kings Highway East, Suite 3E

Haddonfield, NJ 08033

tel:  856 520 8581

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